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"A wonderful person by nature, passionate about his work and helping make that one dream a reality is what I can describe Sammy to be.  

My husband met Sammy at an open house in Millbrae, CA.  He came home and told me that he met an agent who was specialized in the area of short sales and foreclosures.  Having gone through couple of agents around who had been trying to sell themselves to us, I was not much interested esp. that I was looking into east bay and that Sammy was more focused on west bay.

My husband suggested that we meet with Sammy for one time.  I agreed.  We met Sammy in his office.  Talking to him, he seemed very passionate and enthusiastic and serious about what he does.  I already felt a go..go nature in him.  Something about him that clicked that made us feel that it is worth giving him a chance to come to east bay esp. that we had started concentrating more around Tri-Valley area.

Journey from there has been wonderful. Sammy is truly a 24/7 agent except when he sleeps or eats. He educates on the house, direction of the house and house number.  He is on top of things and always responds either via phone or email.  I still wonder how he does it.

I should compliment Sammy's team as well.  Michael Liu his assistant, Martin and  Sandeep his partner, now our re-modeling agent.

Thanks Sammy for getting us to our first home.  You are truly a team player.  We have definitely become good friends rather than just  having agent/client relationship.

I feel comfortable calling Sammy for anything that I am unclear. He is my first source.  He knows I always have too many questions.

Sammy, Michael, Martin and Sandeep...thank you!!


- Alpana & Ajay, Pleasanton, CA

"Woohoo! As good as it gets!!!! ...that's the truth!!!  There is only one word that I can use to describe Sammy Hastings... AWESOME!  

He is very personable, knowledgeable and trustworthy!  When I first met Sammy, I was working with another agent. The "other" agent was NOT giving me the time of day because I didn't have millions of dollars to spend on a condo.  

I knew Sammy was the agent for me, when he told me his client philosophy...He treats every client the same and invests in small clients today, because you never know what the future holds. A small client today could be a huge client tomorrow.  I was very touched by those words and started working with him immediately!  Within four months, he found me the perfect South Beach condo! I love my condo and Sammy!!!!

I've recommended him to friends and they too have shared the same experience!"

- Susie M., San Francisco, CA

"Firstly, can I say that I LOVE Sammy!  

We just bought our first place with him and he was so awesome. No date and time was too late or inconvenient for him and his staff to show us places. 2 months later, when we found a place, his team helped us through all the questions and paperwork (a mountain!!) and calmed us down when we were stressing out about inspections, HOA processes/fees, insurance, home warranties, etc! So much to learn as a first time homebuyer!
We also got accepted to be on 'My First Place' an HGTV show because of his connections!  He knows everyone!!  We had a ball filming the segment and it should be on air early 2011!!  What an experience!  Thanks Sammy! Clint and I love you and we're so happy to count you as a friend now!  Let's go to dinner soon!! xoxo!  Till the next home!"

- Kim B. , San Francisco, CA

"On the day we closed on our home, I told Sammy, "You were born to do this!".

It's obvious that I recommend Sammy based on my 5-star rating.  But ask yourself, what is important in a realtor to you?  For me, I recommend: communication, trust, professionalism, intelligence, and being a hard-worker.  He is all of these, and more.  While his jovial attitude makes him a pleasure to work with, Sammy is a good person, a darn-good person at heart.  

Buying (or selling) a home can be stressful due to unexpected glitches, where proper planning & execution is required to be successful.  There are so many bad realtors out there, it made me a skeptic; I never believed a realtor added much value to me, since I now have access to the Internet as a tool.  Looking back, I am thankful that we accidentally ran into Sammy at an open house.  He made the whole transaction flow as smoothly as possible.

Sammy works all the time, to be honest, I don't know how he does it.  You will not find a harder working realtor than Sammy, period!  Whether it was 11PM or 6AM, if I needed to contact him, I could get a response in minutes.  He is so reliable, if I didn't hear back from him in 10 minutes, I started getting worried, and thinking "I hope he is okay?" (Turns out he was typically eating his 4 o'clock lunch).

If your realtor isn't calling you back as fast as you want, call Sammy now..."

- Sagan & Rita , Mountain View, CA

"Tireless, dedicated, loyal real estate professional are only a few words to describe Sammy's work ethic. After meeting Sammy you'll soon realize he is more than your trusted advisor in locating, negotiating, and closing your first or next home, but also a friend that is vested in supporting you through each step. He takes the time and energy to know who you are and what it is in a home you want before even attempting to hit the streets looking. 

My wife and I purchased our first home with Sammy who guided us through the process of buying a foreclosure. Buying your first home is daunting enough so it was critical to have Sammy's foreclosure knowledge to answer ALL of our questions and more importantly the concerns.

Sammy differentiates himself not only by offering great online tools for his clients, but also ensuring that he is with you through every walk through! His professional network in the Bay Area Real Estate market is vast and will be to your benefit. It was a TREMENDOUS help that Sammy was in constant communication with our lender for both my wife and I relied on him to keep us up-to-date on tasks our lender required during the approval and closing process. 

I highly recommend Sammy to anyone who is looking for a dedicated and honest real estate agent who is entrepreneurial in delivering exceptional real estate services.

Thank you Sammy!


- Johnathan & Alex, Belmont, CA

My husband and I recently became first time home buyers. Initially, we felt overwhelmed, unsure where to start and had lots of questions. But Sammy helped us find our way to our first home. 

Sammy and I crossed paths over a year ago, when I went to visit several open houses in the Daly City area with my parents. Engaged at the time, there wasn't any hurry to purchase a home. After settling down and getting serious about finding a permanent place, I immediately thought of Sammy. He was the only realtor that left a positive and lasting impression. After over a month of visiting various homes, we finally found "the one". So soon? Yes and we're really happy.

Sammy takes the time to understand what you are looking for, provides options within your price range and is never pushy. He focuses on the customer and works night and day (literally) to help you find what you're looking for."

- Tina & Peter, Daly City, CA