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With RDR at work to sell your home you can relax and enjoy the process. RDR offers a combination of incomparable service, strategic marketing, and value to thier clients. 

Your RDR Agent will spend time understanding what is most important to you in your sale. They will discuss any suggestions and outline options that can be done to bring you a higher return on investment. Because RDR has its own Renovation and Design team, they are able to offer services that would be much more expensive via outside sources. RDR coordinates all aspects of the inspection process, outlining a timeline and plan, as well as assisting you with the listing documents and mandated disclosures. RDR provides detailed market analysis to help you price your home appropriately. Purchasing another home in conjunction with the sale of yours is also seamless, RDR can guide you through the process of the sale and purchase of two properties at the same time.

Experienced with in depth market knowledge of San Francisco, Millbrae, Burlingame, Hillsborough, San Mateo and East Bay real estate, Sammy and his team will educate you about the recent comparable sales to your home, help you understand the local market trends as well as analyze your potential competition.

RDR's strategic marketing plan is designed to showcase the features of your home and its neighborhood to encourage buyers to visit your home with their agent, at open houses, or schedule a private showing. RDR's marketing program is particularly geared towards the modern buyer; the majority of today’s buyers, are searching for homes on the internet. The old methods of simply placing a sign on the property and placing an ad in the paper, while somewhat effective, are no longer the primary driver of traffic to your home. RDR will position your home to reach the widest pool of buyers to generate the strongest possible interest. Your home is marketed 24/7 online, and this virtual open house begins the moment the photographs are released on RDR’s website and in the MLS.
RDR's marketing team includes a Branding & Marketing Department which includes: graphics/social media strategists,  professional photographers, printers, and a filmmaker. As well as a Renovation & Design Department which includes: interior design specialists and contractors with a wide range of specialties.

RDR's clients benefit not only from having the highest quality printed brochures and flyers, but from their unique approach to highlighting homes through video and virtual tours. RDR produces videos highlighting not only your home’s features, but those of your neighborhood, used to market your home. RDR is also the sponsor of a new TV show Bay Area Drop In that is gaining RDR and Sammy, as host of the show, great recognition for his extensive knowledge and community involvement in the Bay Area.
Sammy is well known for his expert negotiating skills and is involved closely with every transaction. RDR's goal as expert negotiators is to bring you the highest possible price with the cleanest terms, in the shortest amount of time. It takes an experienced agent who is not only skilled in understanding the complexities of the contract, but thoroughly adept at explaining the many distinctions to you in order to negotiate successfully on your behalf.
RDR ensures everything flows smoothly in the escrow period so you can relax.  RDR works with the title company, the buyer’s agent, and you, to makes sure all of your needs are met all the way through closing.
Sammy and his team are proud of the excellent reputation they work very hard for in the real estate community every single day. Sammy believes that an agent’s reputation significantly impacts the success of all real estate transactions and holds extremely high standards for himself and his team.
If you’re considering selling your home or interested in learning more about the current market, please contact RDR today!